What is the "four-pillar-concept"?

The DBVC ties all relevant stakeholders of the coaching market together in one association – executive coaches, providers of training courses in the field of executive coaching, scientists and company experts in the field of executive coaching. The DBVC is the only institution in the German speaking countries to cooperate with representatives from all these areas. 


I’m looking for a training course in executive coaching that complies with the quality standards of the DBVC or one that is acknowledged by the DBVC.


 Please click on "Training courses in executive coaching". You will find a detailed survey here.

I have questions concerning the membership criteria, admission process etc.


You will find detailed information concerning the membership criteria and the admission to the DBVC under “Admission to the DBVC”. If you have any further questions please contact the DBVC office by phone 0541 – 580 480 8 or by email info@dbvc.de.

I would like to become a member of the DBVC. What do I have to do?


Find information about the criteria for membership in the DBVC under “Admission to the DBVC”. There you will find detailed information concerning membership and all necessary admission packages.

As a representative of the press I’m looking for an interview partner. Who is going to help me?

Please contact us by phone 0541 – 580 28410 or by email presse@dbvc.de. We will help you to find a knowledgeable interview partner for your questions.


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