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DBVC - German Federal Association of Business Coaching (registered association)

The DBVC is the leading association in all German speaking countries focussing on business coaching and leadership.  Well-known executive coaching experts who have made their mark and who have paved the way for executive coaching in Germany are members of the DBVC. True to its leading role the DBVC is committed to respectability, quality standards and professionalism in executive coaching. 

The DBVC is the only association which has adopted a “four-pillar-concept” and brings together experts from all relevant areas – from executive coaching, companies, the scientific world and from further education. Culture within the association is characterized by the exchange of knowledge and know-how, creativity and intense dialogues.

It is the objective of the German Federal Association of Business Coaching (DBVC) to professionalize the field of executive coaching and to promote and develop executive coaching in practice, research and teaching and in further education.


Our Approach

With the help of our “four-pillar-concept” we bring together all relevant representatives of the executive coaching market on one single platform:


company experts









scientific experts








The “four-pillar-concept” is the key element of our efforts to improve quality within executive coaching. To ensure that this concept is implemented in a credible way, the founding members made the decision to create a new organisation.


"The DBVC is the professional, scientific and managerial focal point for all key persons in the sector of executive coaching. The DBVC explicitly adopts an multiple perspective approach."


Our Vision

The DBVC is the most influential German executive coaching association


  • regarding the quality of contens and innovations,
  • with economic relevance for all market partners ("the four pillars"),
  • with political and professional duties and obligations.


Your benefits as a member of the DBVC


  • proof of quality as an acknowledged member of the DBVC
  • continuous quality improvement of your own work
  • joint development of approach to executive coaching
  • being part of an exclusive network
  • concentration of knowledge and know-how
  • joint active designing and shaping of the market

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