Coaching as a profession

Guidelines and Recommendations on the Development of
Coaching as a Profession

Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V. (German Federal Association for Executive Coaching) (Publisher)

A Compendium Including the Professional Standards of the DBVC
4th revised edition 2012.

The main aim of this compendium is to provide professional and ethical guidelines for practice, implementation, and performance measurement in coaching. This requires first of all a profound orientation on the basis of professional standards and a coaching related code of ethics. Both will be depicted in this comprisal. 
Based on the definition that coaching is “consulting, attendance, and support of individuals in executive position” the compendium highlights the range of application and the demarcation against other forms of professional consulting. This definition is mirrored by the standards the coaches and coaching institutions rely on. The comprisal will also supply a
complete and detailed coaching process model.


The fully revised fourth edition broadens its view with special regard to
the important developments of the last years: Coaching as an intra-organizational form and coaching in science and research.

This compendium embeds and explains coaching in a wider context with
special emphasis on business related interaction. The guidelines shown
provide a greater deal of transparency for all involved parties. They also
help to improve professionalism, confirmability, and documentation in
case of a dispute, and enhance the personal development and the ability
to compete in the coaching trade.

The DBVC Coaching-Compendium in english can be downloaded for free here. Please notice that the download is released for personal use only.

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