Our approach

The DBVC sees itself as a forum and mouthpiece for ethical executive coaching in the German speaking countries. We intend to shape and design the business of executive coaching in general. For this reason the founding members of the DBVC have given the association a clear objective:

"The DBVC is the professional, scientific and managerial focal point for all key persons in the sector of executive coaching. The DBVC explicitly adopts an multiple perspective approach."


This multiple perspective approach is based on the "four-pillar-concept": representatives from all four perspectives (executive coaches working in practice, trainers/training institutions, scientists and companies/organisations) discuss and answer fundamental questions in the sector of executive coaching. We have received very encouraging feedback concerning our activities, the top quality   cooperation and composition of our members.

The multiple perspective approach we adopt is to ensure that executive coaching develops more dynamically and is at the same time backed up by an excellent and acknowledged quality development. Through defining, living with and according to standards and developing these standards, all groups working in the field are given more security concerning the theoretical comprehension and the practical application of executive coaching. Providing a scientific foundation to the work will promote innovation and result in educating recognised executive coaches. The recognition as a senior executive coach or executive coach by the DBVC will therefore be an evidence of highly qualified work. Consequently, the DBVC demands active work within the association and noticeable personal contributions from all members. The certification is not the main point of our efforts. Our emphasis is clearly on active reflection and examination of all fundamental professional and technical questions and on examining and on creating new impulses and motivations. 

We believe that “executive coaching” has a measurable benefit for the person, company or organisation that receives coaching. As a dialogue-oriented forum the DBVC intends to promote clarity in theory and practice, in training and science, in order to increase personal and institutional learning. The DBVC intends to provide orientation for the multitude of questions arising in practical work. It wants to be a platform for a strong representation of interests and provide a stimulus for the protection of its members who have to prove themselves within the sector, on the market and in the public eye. For this reason we do not wish to define ourselves by dissociating from or simply excluding others, but by the quality of our work by the measures that we have initiated.

On the market


  • the DBVC as a trademark guarantees high quality executive coaching;
  • the DBVC is highly recognised and is considered by managers and HR specialists as  effective, realistic and innovative;
  • the DBVC exerts influence in the profession by adopting clear and responsible positions, high quality standards and a significant number of members;
  • the DBVC is the first contact for all questions concerning executive coaching.

For its members the DBVC is:


  • a forum for animated exchange in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation;
  • a place where professionals are educated and trained;
  • the expression of an innovative culture within the association, characterized by flexible structures, a flat hierarchical structure and high levels of commitment of the members;
  • a professional home.

The exchange of ideas and the internal discussions of the DBVC give you that extra edge on the market, as all the big players on the market are members of the DBVC.

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